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zeektaogurl asked:

So Jax since you are the ultimate DBZ Fan of all time why do you think Goku was always stronger than Vegeta. I mean it seemed like Vegeta trained way harder than him


Well there are several reasons when ya think about it.

From a fitness stand point. One big reason Goku was stronger than Vegeta most of the time was that he let himself rest. Vegeta trained Hardcore all day everydayimage

 and Goku trained like a beast image

but he always took time off to rest, relax, and just to let his body recuperate so he could get more out of itimage

In athletics unless you are on steroids that is very true. Rest helps a lot with building strength and power.

Also Goku is much more in tuned with his training and he is always conscious of how to improve himself. He legitimately loves fighting and training and he can only keep improving. Goku`s only true competitor is himself and that’s why he is nearly limitless. He will also take time to learn new abilities from others and will humble himself to become a student again. image

Vegeta has too much pride and feels he can do everything on his own which vastly limits himself.image

Vegeta needs the be the greatest in the universe. He is not in love with fighting and training, he is in love with a result and a feeling. As long as he keeps competing to be the best, he will never reach the apex of his potential because being number 1 in itself is still bound by limits.

goku wanted vegeta to see that it’s not about being strong or a brute with pride, but about doing what makes you feel passionate and complete. goku loves to train his body and mind physically and spiritually with others.when vegeta thinks it’s all about being the strongest guy in the room. it’s an amazing message akira probably wants to send. love and art over hate and destruction.


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